A photograph showing a mixture of red and green chili peppers
Image credit: Mark Stebnicki
  • where red and green appear together, they usually look the same as one another — especially if the hues have high saturation and low value (or in…

Image credit: Simone Secci

Image credit: Magda Ehlers

What is the SCAMPER technique?

Image credit: Timothy Tan

Now I don’t mean to get you upset
But every cause has an effect
— Lauryn Hill, “Superstar”

Image credit: Viktor Forgacs

Embracing constraints

Photo of a gas station in Eureka, Nevada
↑ Eureka, Nevada. Photo: Andrew Wilshere

1. Shrikhand

1. Della Respira

1. DM Sans

Andrew Wilshere

Founder & Lead Coach @ baselinehq.com — The free design bootcamp

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